Building Windows 8 Metro Style Apps with HTML5 & JavaScript

Building Windows 8 Metro Style Apps with HTML5 & JavaScript [Paperback] by Jaime Rodriguez, Publisher: Sams; 1 edition (July 9, 2012)

This book will help web developers quickly get up-to-speed with developing next-generation “Metro” apps for Windows 8 with HTML and CSS. Microsoft Windows 8 Principal Evangelist Jaime Rodriguez guides developers through constructing a real Windows 8 Metro app from start to finish, using expert techniques and Microsoft-recommended coding patterns and practices. Along the way, Rodriguez shares unprecedented insider insights into Windows 8 and Metro, making this an outstanding introduction to the platform for any developer. Readers will start by taking a “lap” around a typical Windows 8 Metro-style application, understanding its elements, how they fit together, and how Metro development differs from what they’ve done before. Rodgriguez introduces Microsoft’s development tools and resources for Windows 8 Metro development, including Visual Studio 11, Expression Blend, and Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS). Readers learn how to integrate data with REST, JSON, and XmlHttpRequest; use Microsoft’s new Metro controls and Store API; manage views; provide notifications; provide multi-touch interface support; integrate with hardware, the shell, and the Windows 8 OS, and much more. Useful reference appendices present HTML5 and CSS3 standards, Metro design principles for developers, and more.

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Building Windows 8 Metro Style Apps with HTML5 & JavaScript


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