A Windows 8 ARM alapú változatának gyökerei

A Windows 8 ARM alapú változatának gyökerei
Vonatkozó részlet Hal Berenson Windows 8 is not all about Tablets, it’s about the future [Feb 12, 2012] című bejegyzéséből

Nearly all the major technical decisions in Windows 8 were made before the iPad was introduced [April 3, 2010]. The new app model (WinRT et al): before. The new user interface (MoSH): before. Focus on power and other fundamentals: before. Support for SoC, including ARM: before. I’m going to go through each of these and give some history and rationale, but before I do let’s have a little candid discussion about the state of the Windows PC business.

What about ARM support? People will recall that Microsoft’s interest in ARM support dates back to Longhorn and a project called LongARM. ARM processors, particularly the DEC (later Intel) StrongARM had become the primary processor for Microsofts Pocket PC and Windows Mobile efforts (using the underlying Windows CE operating system). ARM clearly offered a path to lower cost higher battery life personal computers, and Intel’s failure to adequately respond likely made Microsoft feel it had to add ARM support. And of course Microsoft also had a long term strategic interest in using the mainstream Windows kernel on phones, where ARM had become the predominant processor. And so ARM support was reintroduced as part of the re-imagining of Windows.

Now was this purely a Tablet play? No, recall that Netbook manufacturers were introducing ARM-based Netbooks making this a general purpose PC play. But with the complete collapse of the Netbook market ARM support now appears to be purely a Tablet/Smartphone play (at least for now).


Hal Berenson

Hal Berenson, Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft Corporation (November 2006October 2010)

Kiegészítő információ

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