Web kontra natív alkalmazások: 3 évvel ezelőtti helyzetkép

Web kontra natív alkalmazások: 3 évvel ezelőtti helyzetkép
(Chris O’Brien, San Jose Mercury News  [June 3, 2011])

Apple and Steve Jobs originally envisioned that developers would create what it called “Web apps” for the iPhone.  … “The first priority when the iPhone launched was stability,” [Bob] Borchers [senior director of worldwide product marketing for the iPhone until June 2009] said. “The idea of your phone crashing during a call because of a third-party app was not acceptable.” A few months after the phone went on sale, developers had created about 10,000 Web apps, with mixed reception from users. … “A range of app developers wanted access to the native capabilities of the iPhone, but the game developers were able to make the most compelling case,” Borchers said. … But in June 2008, Apple introduced the App Store, which decisively tipped the balance in favor of native apps. …

By September 2008, three months after the app store opened, users had downloaded 100 million native apps. Apple’s shift on apps had profound implications. It made it a much stronger force in gaming than it otherwise would have been. It’s led to an explosion of apps more sophisticated than what would have been possible if Apple had limited developers to Web apps.

Chris O’Brien


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